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Genhis Khan The Great Essay - 1611 Words

His name struck anguish in the hearts across Asia, yet he remains an icon to the people of Mongolia. He could slay thousands without flinching. He was considered one of the most barbaric people ever, yet he ruled fairly. He gave his enemies one simple choice: surrender and be enslaved, or die. By consistently enforcing discipline, rewarding skill and allegiance, and punishing those who opposed him, he established a vast empire. His empire was far greater than Alexander the Great. Meet the man behind the myths, the incomparable Genghis Khan. Yisugei was relived after his son, Temujin was born. The chief thought that the boy was going to be a worthy successor to his throne. Temujin had a fire in his eye according to the people of the†¦show more content†¦The men had to walk across deserts for weeks. They survived the trip by drinking blood and milk from their horses. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Genghis defeated the Xi Xia Empire very easily. Genghis was the only person who ever broke through the Great Wall of China. He arrived at the wall in late 1214. He surveyed the wall and found a weak spot. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;He broke through the wall in 1215. The emperor realized that there was no escape and offered gold, silver, slaves, horses, and a woman. Genghis agreed to retreat. Xuanzong and his officials fled the city. Genghis got very mad. He stormed into the city and let all the people starve. His men looted the city and completely destroyed it. He conquered the city, which is now Beijing. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;His domination began in 1216. He beheaded the King of the Qin Empire. In doing so, he was the leader of two kingdoms. People realize that he had a lot of power. Leaders rushed out to make peace treaties. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Shah Muhammad was the first man to ever test Genghis. Genghis was happy that the head of the Khwarizm Empire signed a peace treaty. Shah Muhammad broke the treaty when he killed a Mongolian ambassador. He sent the head to Genghis. Muhammad is killed by Genghis in less then two days. Everyone in the city is enslaved. This is where Khan says; amp;#8220;I am the punishment of God;. (Ratchnevsky, 168) nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Genghis had one last

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The Unfortunate World War II - 2845 Words

The unfortunate World War II (WWII) began On September 1st 1939 and it ended in the year of 1945. Even though this war only lasted six years, it cost more than 60 million lives. Except Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, another great power was the Soviet Union, led by Joseph Stalin. Stalin and Hitler signed a nonaggression pact that stated that they would not fight against each other in the war, and both agreed to divide Poland between them. Not only that but USSR (United Soviet Socialist Republic) would also take over Finland, and Baltic countries such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. After signing the pact, Hitler invaded Poland, by using blitzkrieg strategy, or lighting war. This strategy involved fast moving tanks and airplanes bombing†¦show more content†¦Allies, after being trapped by the Germans, retreated to the beaches of Dunkirk, and still fell to cruel Germans. Because France fell so quickly, Great Britain was left alone to fight against the Nazis (National Socialist German Worker’s Party) that was formed in 1933, by Adolf Hitler. Fortunately, Great Britain had a great leader, Winston Churchill, which became a new prime minister. His goal was to never give in under the Nazi’s rule. He strongly wanted to keep Britain as an independent country. Even though Luftwaffe or Germany’s air force, bombed Britain’s airfields and airplane factories as well as one of its biggest and most important cities, London, The British still stood strong, ready to fight back. Great Britain, with such technological advances such as a radar and Engima, was able to hit back the Germans hard. During this continuous battle over Britain, known as The Battle of Britain, many citizens were in great danger due to non-stop bombings, therefore subways and basements became new homes for the Londoners. Finally on May 10, 1941, Hitler drew back all of his attacks. This victory was significant for the allies, because it showed that there is greater than H itler, and that he could be stooped. Because Britain fought and did not give up, Hitler had to change his strategy. Instead of focusing on Britain, he wanted to take over Mediterranean and the Balkans, and lastly the Soviet Union. Mussolini, the Dictator of Italy took over North Africa

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Strategic Management and Zara free essay sample

Case Introduction: When you are talking about Zara, the flagship brand of the Spanish retail conglomerate Inditex, you are talking about one of the leading fast-fashion retailers in the world. Over the past 10 years there have just been few companies receiving as much of attention because of their overwhelming success. But even though the company was often praised for their operation and information system, their marketing and centralized distribution model Zara was always questioned to maintain their success in the long term but until now proofed their critics wrong. In this case study we will lead of with some detailed information about Zara’s history to give you a better understanding for the company and their values, mission and vision. A strategic analysis of their external environment, the industry with their competitors and international opportunities will be followed by an internal analysis giving inside in the company’s operations and logistics, their strengths and weaknesses. Tangibly Inditex, the parent company of Zara, has 11. 02% net margin on operations. Intangibly, customer loyalty and brand recognition have provided significant value to Zara. 8. Information Technology @Zara DBMS A DBMS is a set of software programs that controls the organization, storage, management, and retrieval of data in a database. E. g MySQL , Oracle ERP ERP software applications to improve the performance of organizations resource planning, management control and operational control. e. g SAP ,people soft Centralised server managing and controlling of data and command from single point e. g Napster RFID Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses communication via radio waves to exchange data between a reader and an lectronic tag attached to an object, for the purpose of identification and tracking. E. g Barcode detector * 9. Information Technology @Zara The blend of technology Strategy enabled Zara to break all the rules in the fashion industry Zara†™s store managers leads the intelligence gathering efforts that ultimately determines what ends up on each stores rack. ZARA uses PDA’s (personal digital assistant) to gather customer input PDA’s are also linked to stores POS system, showing how garments ranked by Sales Zara’s Staff regularly take feedback from customers on what they they would like to see more of. . g colour design etc * 10. IS practical Implementation , showing its potential for supporting enterprise growth * 11. ZARA-IS Implementation * 12. Design The company can design a new product and have finished goods in its stores in four to five weeks It can modify existing items in as little as two weeks. Shortening the product life cycle means greater success in meeting consumer preferences. Zara’s capacity to adopt to new trends, understanding differences between markets was highly relied on ‘High frequency Information Systems’. Sources of Information POS data Industry Publication TV Internet University Campuses * 13. Manufacturing Highly Automated and Capital Intensive factories Developed J. I. T system incorporation with Toyota Production Scheduling Reduced Cost – Transportation and production Material Requirement and Planning Fully Automated Order Application Sources of Information Internal 20 owned factories near Spain External – HK and Barcelona * 14. Distribution Transportation and Logistics Route and schedule optimization Queue Management Systems for turnaround and waiting period of the ships at the docks Air Travel (Main Costs) – Optimize routes to minimize cost and travel time inventory management Sources of Information Centralised Distribution System Mobile Tracking Systems PDA Distribution center in La Coruna Factories in Arteixo * 15. Zara’s inventory model * 16. Advantages Vertical Integration Zara’s Business System through the Value Chain Forward Vertical Integration – Reduces Bullwhip effect Backward Vertical Integration – Reduces Cost and Improves Quality * 17. Retailing Sources of Information store manager’s decision influence on the replenishment of garments there is a heavy reliance on historical information from the store manager Promoting Quick response Coordination between retailing and manufacturing Sales and trend forecasting Marketing Strategies for different markets The aggregated demand is ascertained and the supply is allocated according to past performance of the various garments at the stores * 18. Potential for supporting enterprise growth * 19. Enterprise growth Correct prediction of Buying Behaviour and trend analysis Market research on university campuses, discos, mall etc. Feedback from stores Sales report Helps in taking quick decisions Regional managers analyse the collected feedback. Analysis used by designers to introduce new product line and modify existing ones Designers decide with commercial teams on fabric, cut, price of new garments. Inventory Control Distribution Constant stream of information Leads to constant input in product development process. Control early investments in raw material, direct and indirect of process and production capabilities. Communication and IT are essential in maintaining constant interface of various functions of management and production control. 20. Enterprise growth Cont Competitive Advantage Reduced Cost Reduced time and effort Customer Relations/Satisfaction Feedback – Process Improvements * 21. CHALLENGES ENCOUNTERED * 22. People Cultural Issues Language Issues Technical Issues Procedures Solution: Provision of training. Research and analysis of various markets. Acquisition of new workforce. Recruitme nt of local people. * 23. Database Maintain huge amount of data/ data loss Organize and interpret from available data Security measures against spy Compatibility Solution: Technological Up gradation Hire skilled employees. Acquire reliable storage devices which is a critical for the company. * 24. Hardware/Software 18 months technology upgrade Compatibility between hardware and software. License issues Cost of equipment and technology Geographic and natural constraints Solution: Sharing information where there is sophisticated technology. Working under legal boundaries. * 25. Procedures Inventory management Procedure Change with technology. Data collection procedure in different markets. Sales amp; Trends forecasting in new markets Solution: Applying large number of POS in the supply chain. Formation of Local Teams to analyze the market for forecasting. * 26. Key Success Factors for Zara Business is built on quick response Production responds to trends. Deliveries are twice weekly, unlike most of the competitors weekly schedule. KSFs: Market Research Ready raw material base Multi-functional quick decision making Vertical integration to ensure control over supply chain, and proximity Technology Cost Control, despite flexibility Technology and Infrastructure

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What I Know To Be True.... free essay sample

Someone once told me that to write well, you have to write what you know. This is what i know -Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed I always had a fetish with notebooks and pens. Everytime I enter a Walgreens or CVS i always walk out with some a new journal and an array of ball point pens. It wasnt until the second grade when I realized that what I had here was more than an obsession with office supplies. My second grade teacher and I had an impeccable bond. He was my instructor, my role model, and my hero. (No, I didnt have a little school girl crush on him.) I remember the first time i gave him one of my thrown together work of art (my first short story). When i handed it to him, he gave me his usual corky smirk, it usually meant he knew i was up to something. We will write a custom essay sample on What I Know To Be True. or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Well, he sure was right because the short story turned into a passion. Im now in Journalism II, and a copy editor of my schools newspaper. But, I write this today not to show you how creative my writing is or to show you my accomplishments. Im here to tell you that my writing will go far, becuase this i know to be true.

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Floriade And The Celebration Of Spring Tourism Essays

Floriade And The Celebration Of Spring Tourism Essays Floriade And The Celebration Of Spring Tourism Essay Floriade And The Celebration Of Spring Tourism Essay Floriade is the Australian one-year spring festival held in Canberra. The event is known to be one of the universe s biggest floral and natural art shows and attracts a big figure of local and international visitants every twelvemonth. Floriade, besides known as the Australian jubilation of spring was started in 1988 in order to tag 75th birthday of the Australian capital Canberra. The event proved to be a immense success and since so, it is celebrated as an one-year event. With clip, the magnitude of event has grown, and soon, Floriade is known to be the biggest spring festival in the southern hemisphere. The event is held at the Commonwealth Park in Canberra, a site spread over an country of four hectares, every twelvemonth from mid September to mid October. Being basically a spring festival, the event chiefly focuses on flowered art, horticultural shows and natural art exhibitions. However, in order to do the event more colourful, joyful and appealing, Floriade besides offers assorted other attractive forces such as concerts, cultural shows, manner shows, dark markets and restaurants. A alone feature of Floriade is that it has a new subject each twelvemonth, which helps avoid humdrum in the event, and the event seems to be something new and fresh every twelvemonth. Past subjects have included The admiration of H2O in 2004, Rock n Roll in bloom in 2005 and the most recent 1s include Mind, Body and Soul in 2009 and Imagination in 2010. : Initially, Floriade was a charged event, nevertheless, in ulterior old ages it was made a free of cost event. This has farther increased the figure of attenders at the event. The event opens up at around 9:00 ante meridiem in the forenoon and goes on until 5:00 p.m. in the eventide. A few specific darks offer a dark festival after 5:00 p.m. , which include amusement park, drives, musical shows, etc. The event that ab initio starts as a flowered and gardening show has grown over the old ages to go an one-year festival that offers varied amusement options besides gardening. The Royal Canberra Show is an of import event that takes topographic point under Floriade s streamer. This show offers over 150 amusement oriented attractive force that includes amusement drives and bet oning competitions. Other major attractive forces that will be offered at the Floriade 2010 event include musical shows, films, pyrotechnics, balloon festival, architecture awards and other assorted advanced attractive forces. Market Cleavage Floriade has a assortment of market sections. Given the assortment of attractive forces and subjects offered at the event, Floriade is segmented harmonizing to gender, age group, societal background and demographics. Ever since the event has started, Floriade has seen a important addition in the figure of visitants it receives each twelvemonth. Floriade have been continuously playing on its subjects and attractive forces in order to diversify its market sections. Harmonizing to statistics, under gender based cleavage, the figure of female attenders at the event is much more every bit compared to the male attenders. Statistics farther show that the event is more popular among older age groups as compared to the younger 1s. Peoples above 50 old ages of age constitute the major proportion of attenders. Although the bulk of visitants at the Floriade are Australian locals, chiefly arising from the locality of the Australian Capital Territory, nevertheless, the event has seen a crisp addition in international visitants over the old ages. Other of import frequenters of Floriade include corporate houses, bourgeoiss, manner and media fraternity and school, college and university pupils. As mentioned earlier, the manner Floriade is segmented has a direct connexion with the events subject. As Floriade is a spring festival in kernel, ab initio its subjects were focused on flowers and other horticultural constructs. This restricted the section to those who had personal or academic involvement in gardening. However, subsequently on, a displacement in scheme was seen and subjects that were associated with other artistic subjects, such as movie, spiritualty and music were introduced. This has resulted in the crisp addition in the figure of people attenders at Floriade. The Floriade 2010 subject is imagination and therefore, offers an huge range of creativeness and freshness every bit far as attractive forces are concerned. As a consequence, the possible visitants are expected to farther addition in the twelvemonth 2010. Target Market Floriade has assorted mark markets. Their biggest mark markets are the tourers, which include both local and international tourers. Floriade has ever been a major attractive force for tourers who visit Canberra during spring. As a affair of fact, there are a important figure of local and international tourers who visit Canberra during spring, merely to go to the Floriade event. In order to pull these tourers, Floriade offers a batch more than a conventional spring show. It offers everything from music to clubbing and from shopping to dining. In order to pull international tourers, Floriade offers interesting adjustment trades at sensible monetary values in Canberra s best hotels and resorts. International tourers are provided with the installation to book these adjustment installations online through the Floriade s official web site. The broad assortment of attractive forces offered at Floriade attracts other mark sections as good. School, College and University pupils do non merely go to the event, but are besides a major participant at the event. Every twelvemonth, pupils, both you and old, direct in entries related to gardening and natural art as portion of their extracurricular activity or regular coursework. These entries are an of import attractive force for visitants because of their creativeness and originality of thoughts. Another of import mark market for Floriade includes bourgeoiss and corporate houses. Sing the fact that the event hosts more than three 100 thousand visitants each twelvemonth, Floriade proves to be an ideal and perfect clip for publicity and selling for most concerns. Restaurants, trade names, touristry companies and other such concerns offer great promotional strategies in order to pull their several mark markets, therefore indirectly lending in the attractive force of Floriade s ain mark market. In order to pull its respective targeted consumers, Floriade uses varied promotional schemes. The promotional runs each twelvemonth revolves around and foreground the subject of the event for that peculiar twelvemonth. For illustration, If the subject of Floriade for a certain twelvemonth is related to music, so a certain music famous person may be invited to advance the event. The event is promoted utilizing both, above the line and below the line promotional methods. These include telecasting and wireless advertizements, magazine and newspapers, postings and circulars, and the cyberspace. International tourers are targeted through advertizements on telecasting channels that have international viewership. The event is besides promoted through Floriade s official web site every bit good other travel and touristry related web sites. The touristry ministry of the Australian Capital Territory has a great function to play in making so and the ACT itself takes acute involvement given the huge economic part brought in by these tourers. Local visitants are targeted utilizing local print and electronic media. Apart from that, billboards, postings and streamers at public topographic points and direct selling patterns such as newssheets are besides an built-in portion of Floriade selling scheme. The chief function that will be played in the twelvemonth 2010 in order to increase the mark market is the subject of the event itself. The subject is a really originative one and the attractive forces are expected to be inventive or neer seen earlier, as it says. In order to pull the mark markets, the official web site shows high spots of some of the interesting attractive forces that will be offered at the 2010 event. These include attractive forces for childs, younger coevals, manner fraternity and media related people. The web site besides highlights the figure of people that attend Floriade each twelvemonth and therefore invite bourgeoiss and corporate houses to the event. Apart from the web site, picture Tourss of Floriade 2010 are besides posted on You Tube. Besides the cyberspace universe, the 2010 event is promoted utilizing the conventional telecasting and print mediums. What changes is the manner the advertizements are campaigned foregrounding the different subject each twelvemonth. It is besides ensured that the event get ample infinite and coverage in major online and published magazines that target adult females, pupils, bourgeoiss, creative persons and other relevant mark audience. Market Positioning Floriade is positioned as a Prime Minister Australian festival that offers universe category attractive forces. It has a vision statement that aims at acquiring the event recognized at the international forum as a universe category event. It besides has a mission statement that aims at continued growing of the event and makes Floriade the prima event trade name in Australia and the universe by offering premium art exhibitions, amusement and recreational options and restaurants. It is recognized as the event that offers maximal degree of client satisfaction. Floriade is presently positioned as Australia s largest, and one of the largest events in the universe that attracts immense figure of local and international tourers each twelvemonth. It besides places itself as a leader in the event industry in the Southern Hemisphere and a trade name that adheres to the pattern of sustainability so as to pull off its resources in the most efficient and environmental friendly mode. Floriade is besides known to be the one of the most culturally rich shows in the universe. The trade name aims to increase the magnitude of this trade name image by taking to travel the event at a lasting site where events can take topographic point and attractive forces can be offered under the Floriade streamer all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. Floriade plays good on the acknowledgment it has earned in the recent base on balls through winning assorted awards related to the field of amusement and event direction. These claims are non merely claimed by the Floriade trade name, but are besides seconded by the recent research and study studies. The increasing sum of Floriade s part to the economic system besides highlights the repute, celebrity and importance that the event holds.

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Transformation Leadership Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Transformation Leadership Interview - Essay Example Leadership is defined by Martires & Fule (2000) as â€Å"the process of influencing people so that they would work towards the attainment of specifically defined goals† (p. 569). Transformational leadership, as the name implies, is a leadership style â€Å"that creates voluble and positive change in the followers. A transformational leader focuses on "transforming" others to help each other, to look out for each other, be encouraging, harmonious, and look out for the organization as a whole. In this leadership, the leader enhances the motivation, moral and performance of his follower group.† (Boje 2000) Studies on this concept in leadership was originally delved into by James McGregor Burns who wanted to differentiate leadership from management and discovered that the differences are in characters and behaviors. (Burns 1978) He contrasted transformational leadership style as against a transactional leadership where focus is on the traits and characteristics of the leader rather than creating changes in people’s lives. There have been diverse patterns of behavior and actions that leaders exhibit over a period of time and perceived by followers as the dominant style of leadership. This style is developed utilizing an interplay of factors which shape leadership development. There have been an enormous amount of studies and researches which seek to identify the characteristics, traits and behaviors which are predominant in leaders and enable them to succeed. For transformational leaders, the following characteristics stand out: (1) overt desire to transform the organization; (2) charismatic; (3) exudes passion and confidence; (4) possess large amounts of enthusiasm; (5) are people oriented and (5) tendencies to see the big picture and not the details (Straker 2009). According to Burns (1978), there are four elements of a transformational